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Free Poster Offer

GWM created this poster for display internally and it has generated so many comments from employees and visitors that a limited print run has been arranged. The original is 1.5m in diameter and shows the whole circle, but you will have to visit to see it! You can have your own poster-sized version though by filling in the form below. 

How to get your poster:

  • Complete the form below
  • If you are from a company in a related industry then we will post one to you (while stocks last)
  • If you do not qualify for a printed version we will send you a link to a high resolution file so you can print your own.

GW Machining Micron A1 Poster (top right corner)



Fill in the form below and one of our team will arrange for a poster to be sent to you. Companies in related industries are eligible for a printed version (while stocks last), everyone else is eligible for a high resolution image file to print their own.



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If you have a specific project in mind then feel free to book a chat (you can still have a poster).

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